Den Purls’ music is a variety of different musical genres. As soon as you hear it, you might label it as pop-rock… but not quite. With elements of hard rock, blues, prog rock and more, the former After Rehearsal has developed a unique sound that is both complex and easy to listen to. The lyrics are taken from experiences that many of you might have been through yourselves. But before we go into further detail about the future, let’s take you back into how things came to be and how this group of guys from the south of the Netherlands started out…

Like most bands, Den Purls started out as a cover group. Founding members William Croonen and Gerry van den Broek have been playing together for what seems like an eternity. They got to know each other on both a deep personal level as well as in music in the small village of Sprundel, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. After a long time having minor success with their cover songs, the boys, joined by guitar player and friend RenΓ© Jobse, decided they wanted to try and aim for something bigger: creating unique music. Composed, shaped and performed by themselves.

That’s where the basis of After Rehearsal was formed. But the story doesn’t end here. Several people have taken up the role of frontman, most notably Jelle van Bezouw. As lead vocalist and guitar player, he laid the groundwork for what would become Den Purls in late 2019. With several major gigs including (but not limited to) Breda Barst, Cafe De Bruine Pij, Cafe Stroop and many more, the guys were hitting the road hard. Guided by the prestigious Breda Most Wanted project and a drive like no-one had ever seen so far.

That drive turned out to be vital, when in early 2020 the guys were once again in search of a frontman and lead vocalist when Jelle decided to focus on different ventures. Luckily enough, Tristan van der Laan came around and his raw vocals gave a new dimension to the music. Complete again, the group is ready to fire up and conquer the world, with their blues- and prog- infused pop-rock. Layered vocals, surprising drumbeats and inspired bass- and guitar tracks are what defines Den Purls’ music. This story, as you read it, is definitely far from over.